Yellow Cab COVID-19 Response

Yellow Cab Taxi responds to COVID-19 crisis by enhancing service and focusing on cleanliness

Passenger safety has always been the top priority for Yellow Cab Taxi in North Bend and Coos Bay, and the company is stepping up its game even more in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has added additional steps and measures to reduce the amount of contact and possible exposure to any and all viruses for its passengers. In between every ride with new passengers, the company is using Lysol Brand I.C. Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner in all vehicles. Drivers wipe down all areas in the cars between rides to limit the transmission of germs from one passenger to the next. Passengers are urged to practice social distancing by sitting in the back seat with a window rolled down to allow airflow in the cab, helping to keep drivers healthy.

Yellow Cab also is introducing a new no-contact option for deliveries. The company is designing a new web page for multiple-item delivery services. With this new service, customers can request no-contact deliveries for anything that does not require age or identity verification. By using the new Coos Yellow Cab customer app, customers can order, track and pay for requested transportation with just a few clicks. With the app, there is no need to hand the driver cash or cards; everything’s paid for online.

For more information on any of these services, those interested can contact Yellow Cab Taxi at 541-267-3111.

“Yellow Cab Taxi has provided an essential service to our local community since 1946, and we are adapting to the changing world, both in terms of keeping our riders healthy and adopting new technologies to provide even better service,” said Yellow Cab President Jeremy Oliver. “We not only take our community members to life-saving medical procedures, but we also deliver prescription medicine and groceries. We pick up children, friends, parents – even your furry family members – and take them to their appointments and to take care of their business 24 hours a day. We always place passenger and driver health safety above all else. We are proud to be able to serve our community this way through this current crisis and for many years to come.”