Delivery/Courier Service

25Delivery / Courier Service

Does it feel like you just don’t have time for it all? Well we want to help.

We Deliver, We Pickup, We Drop Off.taxi_deliver
We do it all.

At Yellow Cab Taxi, we want to help to make your day a bit less stressful.

We offer a wide range of Delivery Services, Including:

  • Spirits
  • Grocery
  • Pizza
  • Prescriptions
  • We even will Jump Start your car!

We also do Business Courier:

  • Pick up and deliver Documents, important papers, mail, packages, you name it!


Business Courier Service:  Yellow Cab Taxi Business Courier Service

This is a new service; here is how the program works. 
You call us at 267-3111 for your pick-up.
  • We respond within 60 minutes.

When we deliver your package we will notify you by phone, who it was delivered to and when it was delivered.

The day after the delivery we will fax you a hard copy of the delivery slip.

Why use us?
First we can save you money!
If an employee makes this delivery you will pay for at least one hour’s time. At minimum wage that is $10.00 plus SS and workers comp.
  • We make local Deliveries Starting @ $10.00.  
If an employee makes this delivery you also lose one hour productivity.
  •  We also protect you by being fully insured.
If an employee makes this delivery any and all liability for the actions of that employee will be your responsibility including workers comp claims.  
Our local one way delivery to a single destination starts @ $10.00. Please call for out of town rates or deliveries to multiple destinations.
  • We also have 30 days same as cash on approved credit (OAC)